Dent Ding Hail Pro’s major focus has been repairing hail damaged vehicles in body shops and locations where extreme high quality is required. We have over 20 years of experience in the Paintless Dent Repair Industry and have repaired thousands of dented and hail damaged automobiles for individuals. We have many before and after repair videos showing different sizes of dents and dings repaired. Our video page also shows many different makes and models of vehicles repaired using paintless dent repair. Our videos also show the various locations of dents and dings on vehicles that were repaired.  We have many other videos located on our youtube channel.

Ford Truck-Deep and Large Dent in Left Front Door

 Dent Went Through Body Line


Ford Exployer–Bad Dent in Left Rear Door

Dent Went Through 2 Body Lines

Chevy Silverado–Huge Dent in Left Bedside

Dent and Scuffs Went Through a Body Line

Dodge Ram Truck
Huge Bedside Dent


GMC Canyon
Plastic Bumper Cover Repair

VW Tiguan

Massive Deer Hit In Left Front Door

Scion CT-Horrible Dent in Left Rear Quarter Panel

Separated Plastic Bumper 

VW Jetta–Deep Basketball Size Dent Front Door

Body Line Dent with Scuffs Buffed Out

Over Basketball Size Dent in Left Quarter

BMW 328I–Hood Dent

Dent Over Baseball in Size

Chevy Equinox–Over Basketball Size Dent

Dent Went Through a Body Line

Kia Soul–Bad Chopped Dent in Left Fender
Bad Dent Through a Body Line

Chevy Spark
2 Large Dents Upper Roof Rail

White Jaguar
Volleyball Size Dent (Left Front Door)

Ford Flex-Baseball Size Dent (Left Rear Door)

Bad Rubs and Scuffs Buffed Out

Toyota Tundra
Dent Left Bedside Above Gas Cap


Toyota FJ Cruiser
Hail Damage

Honda CRV-Grape Fruit Size Dent (Left Fender)

Bad Scuffs and Rubs Buffed Out